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Jorge Rivera

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I am a Spanish theatre Director with an international profile in the most diverse aspects of entertainment: Director, technician, academic and much more. You can request my full CV in English, Spanish or Danish,

just send me an e-mail to info@jrivera.eu.



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Ongoing projects

Imborrable (Unfading) Film / 2019


A Spanish-Danish documentary where an allegedly cursed movie is used as a pretext to talk about independent cinema, and how science and parapsychology aren´t that far anymore.

FICCAB - Poster
Actress Nathalie Poza
Hosts - Closing ceremony
Prize for TV Serie "Cuéntame"
Prize for Carlos Taillefer

La musa y el lobo (The Muse and the Wolf) Theatre / 2019


Danish actress Asta Nielsen was asked by Hitler in 1933 to be the face of the Third Reich on film. She said "no". We present a fantasy about this meeting and what came after.

FICCAB Show / November 2018


I directed opening and closing ceremonies for this film festival the 8th and 10th of november. Click here to read the festivals page.

Muestra Ibérica de Artes Escénicas

Theatre Fair / November 2018


I´ll be attending this fair in Caceres to spot interesting theatre to distribute in 2019/2020


Click here to read the festivals page.