- Pepo Frade
-- Manoli
- Jesus Moreno
- Juan Gavilan
- Irene Garrido
- Toñi Sanchez
-- Trini
-- Reme
-- Pepita
-- Angelina
- Esperanza Pelaez

Pepo Frade

Chef, Aire Gastrobar

Pepo Frade is a chef from Malaga, who opened Aire Gastrobar in La Malagueta (est. 2010) after 15 years of experience. Aire's proposal is a place to enjoy a creative Mediterranean cuisine with a wink to Malaga's popular dishes. A result of his roots and his taste for pastry is the creation of the  “Biznaga” dessert (inspired by Malaga's flower), that has become iconic for him.

Juan Gavilán

Philosopher and Anthropologist

Juan Gavilán Macías has developed his intellectual activity in the fields of Philosophy (Professor), Linguistics (Researcher) and Anthropology (University teacher). He has written a vast amount of books on thought, identity and language, and he is part of Aula del Pensamiento (School of Thought) to introduce thinkers, philosophers and science people from Málaga to the people of the city.

Irene Garrido

Chef, KGB 

Chef at KGB Gastrobar, an establishment recommended by the Michelin guide since 2018. She has worked with the renowned chefs Dani García, “Pachu” Barrera and David Olivas. She has won several prizes and she is a lover of Malaga and Andalusian kitchen, as well as the Japanese and Mexican. Her project is to democratise the High cuisine with the right mixture of tradition and high quality.

Esperanza Peláez


After beginning her career at EL PAÍS, she's done written press, radioand TV. She's coordinator of "Málaga en la Mesa" for Diario SUR since 2011.

She founded Club Gastronómico Kilómetro Cero in 2012, a gastronomical offer to make Malaga's cuisine well known. She has published 3 books with Malaga and Andalusian reciupes and she's member of Malaga's Gastronomical Academy.

Jesús Moreno

Vice President, La Carta Malacitana

Researcher and speaker on gastronomic History, especially about American food and it’s effect on Malaga’s and Andalusia’s cuisine. He is Doctor in Art history, History Professor and expert in Gastronomy. He has written an published more than 30 research articles for international congresses with special focus on Malaga’s gastronomy.

Toñi Sánchez

Gastronomic blogger, Mi Cocina

She loves Malaga’s sea, its history, landscapes, culture and gastronomy. She has cooked up to 1.600 recipes from all over the World. Out of these almost 600 from Málaga (“from my family tradition”, she says).

She has published “Recetario Marengo” (Cookbook from the sea) and “Tecnicas culinarias marengas” (culinary techniques from the sea). She collaborates with TV and Radio programs.

Andrés Torres

Creator and administrator at OMERG,

Observatorio Malagueño de la Ensaladilla Rusa y el Gazpachuelo.

Gastronomy enthusiast, especially of these two dishes. He created the OMERG Facebook group in 2016, which today hosts more than 13.000 members.


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November 15th: Online limited premiere.

December 20th: Money delivery to the soup kitchen.

2021: Final Cut (25 min.). Premiere, festivals and events.

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