"Camino del Cielo", de Juan Mayorga. 2002

Jorge Rivera

I have always been restless. That's why I have studied, learned and made many different things (and I have no plans about stopping anytime soon).

I got an eduction as theatre director and dramaturgy on the official theatre school, but my lust for learning made me take an education as Creativity resarcher (Psychology and Education) and to get a Masters Degree in Experience leadership  (Experience Economy) in Danish, 

I thrive working with people, whether it's individuals or big teams. Communication, respect and development ar key words in my line of work. 

Besides my artistic work, I've been Technical manager and a Culture House Leader, translator and much more. My CV and site are in Spanish, but please do send me an e-mail if you want to know more

Thanks to  Ehb Fotografia for the photo.